be like MUHAMMAD!


salam mahabbah, salam mujahadah...dan salam Maulidur Rasul... selawat dan salam ke atas junjungan Rasul kita, Nabi Muhammad SAW...Khatimul Anbiyaa...

i want to share something with u, a poem in one of risalah that i've received from a friendly sister, a Muslim foreigner from aqsa iium club...its all about Rasulullah... a good role model to the whole of ummah...

He was
the first to greet another and would not withdraw his hand from a hand-shake till the other man withdrew his.

He was
so humble he avoided sitting at a prominent place in a gathering, so much so that people coming in had difficulty in spotting him.

He was
kind and preached people to show kindness to each ohter and to all living souls.
he was equal with everyone he mixed on equal terms, how he ate with slaves, servants and the poorest in the same plate.

He used to
visit the poorest of ailing persons and exhorted all muslims to do likewise. never hesitated to do the menial work of others, particularly of orphans and widows.

He used to
take permission from a person he wanted to visit to enter the house. he advised the people to follow this etiquette and not to get annoyed if anyone declined to give permission.

He used to
remain sitting After the early morning prayers in the mosque reciting praises of Allah till the sun rose.

He wanted others also to put on simple but clean clothes " When Allah has blessed you with His bounty, your appearance should reflect it." He used to observe: " Cleanliness is piety".

* Mari berCinta dengan ALLAH! ^_^

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selawat ke ataa junjungan besar Nabi Muhammad S.A.W.

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